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Welcome to our Process page, where you can explore a clear and detailed roadmap of our step-by-step cooperation. Here, we outline each phase of our partnership, from initial contact through to the successful implementation and follow-up, ensuring transparency and setting expectations for a smooth and effective collaboration.


 Join us as we guide you through the journey of working together.

Trial Phase

Begin with the Vitapack program through no commitment three-month trial phase. This period allows you to evaluate the benefits and effectiveness of our tailored supplement regimen, ensuring it meets specific health needs of your team before making any long-term decision. Collect the feedback before and after the trial phase to evaluate the opinion of personnel and make an informed decision.

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Package selection &
Pre-trial feedback

  • Selection of preferred Vitapack blend.

  • Distribution of educational material along with short pre-trial survey to the prospects.

  • Informed decision made based on the pre-trial survey.



  • Agreed-upon volume & price of 1st order, factoring in all specific costs.

  • GDPR, NDA & order signed with a 60% upfront payment.



Production & Assurance

  • Vitapacks are produced, packed & labeled.

  • Batch undergoes safety and quality checks to prevent any damage or errors.

  • Vitapacks are packed for safe transport and storage. 


Logistics Coordination & Delivery

  • Synchronized delivery schedule with customer's preferences. Product is shipped and delivered to customer.

  • Process feedback is collected, and the remaining 40% payment is settled.

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Psaní poznámek k finanční zprávě


After Trial Assessment

  • Internal feedback assessment within customer's departments & personnel, through distributed after trial feedback survey.

  • Transition into next phase.

Full Rollout

Following the successful completion of our three-month trial phase, our mutual journey is prepared to proceed with a full company rollout of the Vitapack program. This next step will expand the reach of our tailored supplement solutions, enhancing overall employee health and productivity throughout your whole organization.


Adjustments &
Company-Wide Quote

  • Based on trial feedback, necessary program adjustments are made.

  • Preparation of a company-wide quotation & contract for customer. 

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podepsání smlouvy



  • Detailed financial agreements are agreed upon.

  • Long-term contract (1 year+) is prepared, adjusted as needed, and then signed by both parties.

  • Order prepared, signed and payment settled.


Production, Logistics & Delivery Coordination

  • Efficient delivery plan prepared to align with customer's preferences.

  • Coordinated and adjusted production & logistics executed. With outmost detail oriented towards efficiency and customer happines. 

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Pracovní schůzka


Continuous Monitoring & Optimization

  • Both parties engage in regular reviews of the program & process through designated feedback recollection mechanisms.

  • Implement ongoing improvements based on mutual feedback.

Delivery options

We offer global delivery for our Vitapack program, primarily partnering with DHL or utilizing a client’s preferred service to ensure flexibility and convenience. Delivery details, including the choice of courier and schedule, are confirmed before finalizing each order to meet specific needs. In most cases, delivery charges are included in the total price, providing a seamless and cost-effective solution for our clients worldwide.

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