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Maritime environment

Navigating the sea isn't just about skilled steering; it's also about the vitality of the crew. Inconsistent eating habits, varying food diversity, and harsh conditions on board can affect the crew's nutritional balance. This is where supplements are an asset, filling in these nutritional gaps. Vitapack offers a convenient, personalized solution.

Nákladní loď v přístavu

Vitapack Seafarer's Wellness is tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of maritime team members, mitigating health risks associated with their unique lifestyle. With Vitapack, managing crew health becomes as streamlined as setting a ship's course.

Vitapack Seafarer's Wellness® contains Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D, Magnesium & Iron.

A specialized collection of supplements engineered with the maritime crew member in mind. It includes Omega-3 Fish Oil for heart health and cognitive function, a Vitamin B Complex for energy and stress management, Vitamin D to compensate for harsh working environments, Magnesium to support muscle and nerve function and Iron to combat fatigue and enhance oxygen transportation.

Vitapack Seafarer's Wellness®

What are the Benefits of the Vitapack for the Maritime Environment?

  • Enhanced Immune System

    • The challenging marine environment can expose seafarers to various health risks. Vitapack, with its tailored vitamins and minerals, significantly strengthens the immune system, leading to fewer illnesses and maintaining crew health during long voyages.


  • Improved Mental Well-being

    • The isolation and demanding nature of seafaring can impact mental health. Vitapack includes supplements that aid in stress reduction and promote mental clarity, contributing to better mood and emotional resilience.


  • ​Increased Energy and Stamina

    •  The physical demands of working at sea require sustained energy and stamina. Vitapack's custom formulations enhance these aspects, leading to more effective, safe and efficient work performance.


  • Long-Term Health Preservation

    • Regular intake of tailored supplements helps in mitigating the long-term health issues associated with seafaring, such as joint pain or vision problems, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and extending potential career longevity.


  • Nutritional Consistency in Diverse Conditions

    • Seafaring often involves dealing with limited access toa variety of fresh foods, leading to potential nutritional gaps. The Vitapack program is specifically designed to bridge this gap, ensuring that seafarers receive essential nutrients that may not be consistently available.

Pricing & Options

*Price valid for no commitment 1st time orders.
*Shipping & custom label design included.
*VAT excluded.

Vitapack Seafarer's Wellness- 90 day pack

Price in EUR: 134,9 €

Price in USD: 146 $

Price in AED: 533 AED

Vitapack Immunity Booster - 30 day pack

Price in EUR: 44,9 €

Price in USD: 50 $

Price in AED: 180 AED


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