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IT environment

Working in IT involves unique challenges such as long hours of sedentary work, continuous exposure to blue light, and mental strain from complex problem-solving. These factors can lead to various health related problems, eye strain, musculoskeletal issues or mental fatigue. Vitapack caters to the specific health needs of IT professionals, supporting mental clarity, reducing physical discomfort, and enhancing overall resilience, ensuring they maintain peak cognitive and physical performance in a demanding digital environment.

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Vitapack Tech Genie is tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of IT professionals, mitigating health risks associated with their unique lifestyle. With Vitapack, your technological team stays sharp and healthy no matter the next big challenge.

Vitapack Tech Genie® contains Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3, Magnesium & Zinc.

The Tech Genie Vitapack is curated for AI tech professionals, featuring four key nutrients: Omega-3s for cognitive function and mental sharpness, Vitamin B12 for energy and brain health, Vitamin D3 to tackle the usual lack of sunlight, Magnesium for stress reduction and muscle health, and Zinc for immune support and neurological function. These components are selected to optimize performance, enhance focus, and maintain stamina in demanding tech environments.

Vitapack Tech Genie®

What are the Benefits of the Vitapack for the IT Environment?

  • Boosted Immune Defense

    • In the competitive tech industry, stress and long hours can compromise the immune system. Vitapack's specialized nutrients fortify immune health, keeping your team resilient and reducing downtime due to illness.


  • Enhanced Cognitive Performance 

    • The demands of innovation and problem-solving can strain mental health. Vitapack supports stress management and cognitive clarity, fostering a more productive and mentally resilient workforce.

  • Elevated Energy Levels 

    • Coding marathons and project deadlines demand high energy and stamina. Our formula is
      designed to boost these key factors, ensuring peak performance during crucial development phases.


  • Sustained Health and Wellness 

    • Continuous tech engagement can lead to specific health concerns. Regular use of supplements addresses these issues, promoting a balanced and healthy lifestyle for long-term vitality and wellbeing.

Pricing & Options

*Price valid for no commitment 1st time orders.
*Shipping & custom label design included.
*VAT excluded.

Vitapack Tech Genie- 90 day pack

Price in EUR: 148,9 €

Price in USD: 162 $

Price in AED: 597 AED

Vitapack Tech Genie - 30 day pack

Price in EUR: 49,9 €

Price in USD: 54 $

Price in AED: 199 AED


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