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In the field

Working "in the field" such as in real estate involves constant movement and varying environments, from indoor office settings to extensive outdoor activities. Often facing irregular eating schedules and prolonged periods of stress from negotiating deals and managing client expectations. Exposure to different weather conditions can also affect their overall well-being. Vitapack supports the unique health needs of field workers by enhancing their energy, resilience, and immune system, helping them to maintain peak performance throughout their dynamic workday.

Zobrazení domovské

Vitapack On-The-Go is tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of field working personnel, mitigating health risks associated with their unique lifestyle. Tapping into the dynamic environment they experience. With Vitapack, managing your health in the field becomes convenient and easy.

Vitapack On-The-Go® contains Vitamin B complex, Vitamin E, Iron, Magnesium & Zinc.

Crafted for professionals with dynamic lifestyles. This pack combines a potent mix of Vitamin B complex for sustained energy, Vitamin E for antioxidant protection, and essential minerals like Iron, Magnesium, and Zinc to support robust immune function, muscle health, and overall cellular integrity. Ideal for those who need to maintain high performance and wellness amidst their busy schedules, Vitapack On-The-Go® ensures you’re nourished and fortified, wherever your day takes you.

Vitapack On-The-Go®

What are the Benefits of the Vitapack for the Personnel In the Field?

  • Sustained Energy Enhancement

    • The constant movement and unpredictability of fieldwork drain energy rapidly. Vitapack On-The-Go® is formulated to boost energy levels, ensuring that field personnel have the stamina needed to complete their tasks efficiently and effectively.

  • Robust Immune Defense

    • Frequent exposure to different environments and climates can weaken the immune system. Vitapack fortifies the immune defenses, reducing susceptibility to common illnesses and keeping field personnel healthy and active.


  • Muscle and Nerve Support

    • Long hours of physical activity can strain muscles and nerves. Vitapack contains key nutrients that support muscle recovery and nerve health, helping personnel stay physically robust and pain-free.


  • Antioxidant Protection

    • Field workers face various environmental stressors that can lead to oxidative stress. Vitapack includes antioxidants that help protect cells from damage, supporting overall cellular health.


  • Stress and Mood Management

    • The pressures of fieldwork can lead to stress and mood fluctuations. Vitapack helps manage stress and stabilize mood, promoting better mental health and productivity in high-pressure situations.

Pricing & Options

*Price valid for no commitment 1st time orders.
*Shipping & custom label design included.
*VAT excluded.

Vitapack On-The-Go - 90 day pack

Price in EUR: 148,9 €

Price in USD: 162 $

Price in AED: 597 AED

Vitapack On-The-Go - 30 day pack

Price in EUR: 49,9 €

Price in USD: 54 $

Price in AED: 199 AED


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