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Construction environment

Working in construction involves unique challenges due to the physically demanding nature of the job, exposure to the elements, and irregular meal times, which can lead to nutritional deficiencies. The dust and debris can also affect respiratory health, while the strenuous physical activity can strain muscles and joints. Vitapack provides support to the specific health needs of construction workers, ensuring they have the stamina and resilience needed to maintain peak performance.

Constuction Worker

Vitapack Builder's Health is tailored to meet the specific nutritional needs of construction crew workers, mitigating health risks associated with their unique lifestyle. With Vitapack, managing your workers health becomes convenient and organized.

Vitapack Builders Health® contains Omega 3 Fish Oil, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Magnesium & Zinc.

A tailor-made supplement regimen designed specifically for construction workers, this blend includes essential nutrients optimized for the demanding physical environment of construction sites. Vitamin D3 and Magnesium ensure strong bone health and muscle function, crucial under physically strenuous conditions. Omega-3 Fatty Acids reduce inflammation and support heart and joint health, protecting against the rigors of daily labor. Vitamin C boosts immune strength and aids in collagen production for skin and joint resilience, while Zinc fortifies immune response and supports respiratory system, essential for maintaining robust health on the job.

Vitapack Builder's Health®

What are the Benefits of the Vitapack for the Construction Environment?

  • Strong Immune System

    • The rugged construction environment exposes workers to dust and physical stressors that can compromise immune health. The tailored blend of supplements in Vitapack significantly bolsters the immune system, reducing the frequency of illnesses and ensuring robust health on the job site.


  • Respiratory Health Enhancement

    • Construction environments are often dusty and polluted, which can impact lung health. Vitapack includes ingredients which help protect and improve respiratory function, ensuring workers breathe easier despite the dusty conditions.


  • ​Increased Energy and Stamina

    •  The physically demanding nature of construction work requires high energy and stamina. Vitapack's blend enhances these traits, leading to more effective and efficient performance.


  • Long-Term Health Preservation

    • Regular intake of essential nutrients helps mitigate long-term health issues common in construction, such as joint discomfort and muscle strain, promoting a healthier lifestyle and career longevity.


  • Cognitive Function Support

    • Long hours and the need for precision on construction sites can drain cognitive resources. Vitapack includes supplements to enhance brain function and maintain cognitive performance, keeping the mind sharp for critical tasks and decision-making.

Pricing & Options

*Price valid for no commitment 1st time orders.
*Shipping & custom label design included.
*VAT excluded.

Vitapack Builders Health- 90 day pack

Price in EUR: 134,9 €

Price in USD: 146 $

Price in AED: 533 AED

Vitapack Builders Health - 30 day pack

Price in EUR: 44,9 €

Price in USD: 50 $

Price in AED: 180 AED


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