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Our story

PUFFIM organics was funded in 2019, with a mission

to help companies around the globe provide
necessary health support for their employees.
Our team with years of experience in the field of healthcare and nutrition, helps our partners to develop
complete health & wellbeing strategies.


Our work is backed with data about health inside companies, from various countries and industries.

All this together, makes our team strong and work precise.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to provide information and resources to increase collective health and immune capabilities inside workplaces, all around the world. By providing our pilot solution - Vitapack.


The health and wellbeing of employees is the driving force for a successful and prosperous company. 

We bring our clients the solution for the question that every leader faces: "How to keep our team in the best shape, physically and mentally, to achieve the goals that we established?"

Discover more about our services today.

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